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Welcome Cesar Manjarrez to the KPH family! Check out his latest work for saxophone and electronics - Climb! More of his offerings will be posted soon.

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KPH is wanting to promote and publish mixed ensemble music with saxophone. In particular, saxophone, cello, piano trio. This is an under-explored instrumentation which is growing in popularity. Please see our Submissions page for more information.

ML Keepe Publications 2020 Catalogue

Christmas Collection Quartet

We are excited to offer our new
Christmas Saxophone Choir Collection
of arrangements
by Cesar Manjarrez

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Cesar Manjarrez Choir Collection    
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Cesar Manjarrez Christmas Tree



God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen was one of my favorite Christmas songs growing up. Different from the usual Christmas pop tunes on the radio, I appreciated God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen for its honest and somber tone, illustrating snowy tree tops, tall Christmas trees, tall cathedrals, and the overall messages of sacrifice and appreciation during the holiday season. This piece experiments with the somber nature of this Christmas classic by turning it into a short fugue. Starting with a choral introduction, the piece jumps into a call and response flurry throughout the main melody carried underneath the fugue’s build-up. I wrote this specifically thinking of a show piece, something that would have caught my ear as a little boy in the theater listening. This piece is meant to be technical with bellowing “bell” like baritone saxophone with a ghostly soprano voice that sings to the top of the auditorium.

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