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New offering from New York University's Drew Krause: Flying Rats for soprano saxophone and computer-generated sound.

Coming soon!

New Saxophone Trio Offertory Music from Robert Stanton. These are lovely gig pieces perfect for church services.

And we are excited to welcome David Larsen to our composers. His new funk quartet Metro will be available soon!

Mission Statement

Welcome to Keepe Publishing House. My mission is to help perpetuate the rich heritage of saxophone repertoire. I take a personal approach to accomplish this goal by providing a more meaningful connection between performer, the piece and the audience.

Each piece is selected to ensure quality  and to fill specific needs in My catalog. To provide a deeper insight and understanding of the work before purchase, all works are then listed with audio clips (if available), score samples, program notes, composer information, and a list of released recordings. If you enjoy a particular composer’s works I encourage you to use the composer’s contact information and commission further pieces.

I hope to make it easy for performers to have access to any information necessary to make an educated purchase and to help prepare the piece for performance.

Call for Scores:

If you are interested in submitting your music for  publication consideration and/or would like a list of repertoire, please contact Mike at: keepe.publishing@gmail.com.

Dr. Michael L. Keepe, Owner