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New offering from New York University's Drew Krause: Flying Rats for soprano saxophone and computer-generated sound.

Coming soon!

New Saxophone Trio Offertory Music from Robert Stanton. These are lovely gig pieces perfect for church services.

And we are excited to welcome David Larsen to our composers. His new funk quartet Metro will be available soon!

ML Keepe Publications 2009 Catalogue

Saxophone Quartet

Haaheim, KipThe Clinging Fire for saxophone quartet (1998) – 14 minutes

PROGRAM NOTES: One of my favorite scales can be represented by the pitches C, Db, E, F, G#, and A. This particular collection of notes possesses a unique kind of musical symmetry that evenly distributes minor seconds and minor thirds through the octave. READ MORE

Sample Scores: Movement I, Movement II, Movement III
Recordings: America’s Millennium Tribute to Adolphe Sax, volume 14 (AUR CD 3131)
Listen to a performance by the Presidio Saxophone Quartet

Clinging Fire by Kip Haaheim
Price: $35.00 (US Dollars)

Krause, DrewChat Farm for saxophone quartet and recorded sound (2007).

PROGRAM NOTES: Chat Farm waswritten for the Presidio Quartet, to whom it is dedicated. The piece is comprised of several non-repeating sections of contrasting texture and varying, but related, tempi. READ MORE

Sample Scores: Beginning, Middle, End
Listen to a live performance by the Presidio Saxophone Quartet

Chat Farm by Mike Keepe Publications
Physical Copy Price: $45.00
Digital Copy Price: $38.25 (US Dollars) Originally $45.00

Larsen, David - Garden Sonata for saxophone quartet (2010)
- 3:51 Minutes

PROGRAM NOTES: I wrote Garden Sonata as the bridal march for my wedding. It was originally performed by flute, clarinet, and string trio. This piece is a text book example of the classic “sonata allegro” form including a development and coda section. The piece moves through more than 4 different keys, so the ensemble will need to work to tune the more difficult keys. The piece should be played quickly and smoothly with a gentle lilt. Don’t be afraid of big dynamic contrast.

Sample Score Page I, Sample Score Page II


Price: $30 USD (Digital Only)
Garden Sonata by David Larsen

Larsen, David - Metro for saxophone quartet (2013) – 2:48 Minutes (Depending on solos)

Program Notes: Metro is a funk piece for saxophone quartet. It has a simple groove and is based on crunchy harmonies and wild extremes. It has a harmonized melody and a bridge with a lot of dynamic contrast. The open solo section is based largely on an Eb Blues scale and can be improvised over using few notes outside of that scale. The drums and bass are optional, but add a lot of groove to the piece. If you are looking to funk up your next sax quartet performance, look no further.

Sample Score Page I, Sample Score Page II


Price: $30 USD (Digital Only)

Metro by David Larsen published by Mike Keepe Publications

Larsen, David -Shufflin’ for saxophone quartet (2012) – 3:46 Minutes (Depending on solos)

Program Notes: Shufflin’ is a 12 bar blues with a twist. The piece works best with a full rhythm section but can be performed with only the saxes. You should play this piece with a heavy swing feel and lots of back beat. As the name implies, a good shuffle. The shout sections and counter point are reminiscent of later Bill Holman works and have a nice amount of crunch to the chords. The solos could be played by any member of the ensemble, but features room for Bari Sax specifically.

Sample Score Page , Sample Score Page II


Price: $30 USD (Digital Only)
Shufflin by David Larsen

Larsen, David - Walking Man or saxophone quartet (2014) – 3:58 Minutes (Depending on solos)

Program Notes: Walking Man was written in the style of the great bass player and composer Charles Mingus. The piece features a driving bass line, shocking chords, and lots of improvisation. The group should practice making it as wild and free as possible. No need for sedulity here. Attention should also be made to the group improv sections. Practice playing together to make it feel natural as well as cohesive. It generally works best if everyone has a concept and plays together rather than “at each other.

Sample Score Page I, Sample Score Page II


Price $30 USD (Digital Only)

Walking Man by David Larsen

Matthews, Wes Saxophone Quartet No. 1 (2006) 8:23 minutes

Program Notes: (Coming Soon)

Sample Score: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Listen to the premiere by the Thump Quartet

Wes Matthews Saxophone Quartet No. 1 by Mike Keepe Publications
Price: $20.00 (US Dollars)

Paul Safar - Frogs at Dusk (And Other Sounds of the Swamp) for Saxophone Quartet (2012) - 9:20 minutes

Program Notes: 
This piece was initially inspired literally from the sound of frogs I heard in a pond on a trip to the Mt. Shasta, California area. The composition is in three movements, “I. Subterrean Smoldering”, “II. Lillypad Lolligagging” and “III. Ribbitation”. “Frogs at Dusk” is 99.9% written out with just a few moments of improvisation. The drum kit part is written out. However, I encourage the drummer to feel free and elaborate a bit as well. Many thanks to The Metropolitan Saxophone Quartet of Eugene, Oregon for the premiere and to David Larsen and Dan Powell for help in promotion of the piece.

Sample Scores: Page 1, Page 2


Paul Safar Frogs at Dusk (And Other Sounds of the Swamp) for Saxophone Quartet
Price: $30.00 (US Dollars)