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Bulletin Board

New offering from New York University's Drew Krause: Flying Rats for soprano saxophone and computer-generated sound.

Coming soon!

New Saxophone Trio Offertory Music from Robert Stanton. These are lovely gig pieces perfect for church services.

And we are excited to welcome David Larsen to our composers. His new funk quartet Metro will be available soon!


If you give a performance of any composition in our catalogue please kindly let us know.  We will gladly advertise your performance on our website and through our mailing list.   We will also inform the composer of your recital.


After your performance please also send us 2 copies of your program.  You can either email these or send them to our mailing address.  We would like to keep these for our records.


If you have a recording of one of our compositions you would like reviewed by us and/or the composer, please also send two copies to our mailing address or an audio file to our email address.


If you have any questions about performance practices or find any mistakes in our scores please feel free to email me.  As a saxophonist I can offer my own insight or contact the composer directly to solve any issues you might have.