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New offering from New York University's Drew Krause: Flying Rats for soprano saxophone and computer-generated sound.

Coming soon!

New Saxophone Trio Offertory Music from Robert Stanton. These are lovely gig pieces perfect for church services.

And we are excited to welcome David Larsen to our composers. His new funk quartet Metro will be available soon!

ML Keepe Publications 2009 Catalogue

Saxophone Duets

Case, Delvyn Gemini Variations for two identical saxophones

PROGRAM NOTES: Gemini Variations is a short, virtuosic piece that may be performed by any two identical saxophones. As its title indicates, this piece treats the two saxophones as “twins”: that is, as entities that are identical yet also individual. Though the “Thema” of the piece is a 10-note row, the real “theme” of the piece is the exploration of the ways two saxophones can interrelate texturally. The search for individuality out of unity becomes the overall dramatic conceit of the piece. READ MORE

Sample Score Page I

Sample Score Page II

Gemini Variations for two identical saxophones by Delvyn Case



Price: $12.00 (US Dollars)